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Shin, S. H.

Paper Title Page
FRPMN054 The Design Study of IP-BPM for the ILC 4120
  • S. H. Shin, E.-S. Kim, H.-S. Kim
    Kyungpook National University, Daegu
  • Y. Honda, J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki
  Beam position monitors (BPMs) with a resolution in a few nanometers range are required to control beams in the locations that are close to the interaction point (IP) of the International Linear Collider (ILC). ATF2 at KEK has considered as a test facilitiy to investigate this requirement. We have performed the design study for IP-BPM by using of the electromagnetic simulation program MAFIA and HFSS. The designed IP-BPM consists of one cell sensor cavity and one cell reference cavity. The results of the design studies showed signal decay time of 20 ns and orbit sensitivity of a few nm. The signal voltage from sensor cavity showed increasing of a factor of 3 and 2 in horizontal and vertical directions, respectively, than the IP-BPM that was installed ATF extraction beam line. We present the results of design studies in which include effects of common mode contamination in the IP-BPM.