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Shemyakin, A. V.

Paper Title Page
TUPAS030 Electron Cooling Rates Characterization at Fermilab's Recycler 1715
  • L. R. Prost, A. V. Shemyakin
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  Funding: Operated by Universities Research Association Inc. under Contract No. DE-AC02-76CH03000 with the United States Department of Energy.

A 0.1 A, 4.3 MeV DC electron beam is routinely used to cool 8 GeV antiprotons in Fermilab's Recycler storage ring. While the primary function of the electron cooler is to increase the longitudinal phase-space density of the antiprotons, significant transverse cooling rates have been observed as well. Numerical characterization of electron cooling is done by two types of measurements: friction force measurements by the voltage jump method and diffusion/cooling rates measurements. The paper will present the recent measurement results and will compare them to a non-magnetized model.