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Setty, A. S.

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THPAN014 Beam Dynamics of the 100 MeV Preinjector for the Spanish Synchrotron ALBA 3253
  • A. S. Setty
    THALES, Colombes
  A turn key 100 MeV linac is under construction, in order to inject electrons into the booster synchrotron of ALBA [1]. The linac will deliver electron beams according to two operation modes: a single bunch mode (1 to 16 pulses - 0.25nC each) and a multi-bunch mode (112ns - 4nC). We have calculated the beam dynamics, using our in house code, PRODYN [2], from the gun to the end of the linac. The beam behaviour, such as the radial control, the bunching process, the energy spread and emittance are analysed.

[1] D. Einfeld, "Status of the ALBA project", EPAC 06, Scotland, Edinburgh, June 2006.[2] D. Tronc and A. Setty, "Electrons RF auto-focusing and capture in bunchers", Linear Accelerator Conference 1988, Virginia.