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Schoefer, V.

Paper Title Page
MOPAS098 Dynamic Collaborative Documentation at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Collider-Acclerator Department 658
  • J. Niedziela, W. Fu, M. Harvey, G. J. Marr, T. Satogata, V. Schoefer
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  Funding: The work was performed under the US Department of Energy Contract No. DE-AC02-98CH1-886, and with support of RIKEN(Japan) and Renaissance Technologies Corp.(USA)

Centralization of information pertaining to accelerators can benefit accelerator operation and development. Further, retention and the changeable nature of information present challenges to accelerator operation, particularly in instances of turnover. MediaWiki is free, server-based software licensed under the GNU General Public License that uses PHP to render data stored in a MySQL database as interactive web documents, and is designed to produce collaborative documentation. The MediaWiki engine was implemented at BNL, and this paper describes the first year of use by the Operations, Controls, and RF groups at the Collider-Accelerator Department, including code modifications, common practices, and the use of the wiki as a training tool.