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Salen, P.

Paper Title Page
TUPMN023 Status of the Optical Replica Synthesizer at FLASH 965
  • S. Khan, J. Boedewadt, A. Winter
    Uni HH, Hamburg
  • G. Angelova, V. G. Ziemann
    UU/ISV, Uppsala
  • M. Hamberg, N. X. Javahiraly, M. Larsson, P. Salen, P. van der Meulen
    FYSIKUM, AlbaNova, Stockholm University, Stockholm
  • A. Meseck
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  • E. Saldin, H. Schlarb, B. Schmidt, E. Schneidmiller, M. V. Yurkov
    DESY, Hamburg
  A novel laser-based method to measure the longitudinal profile of ultrashort electron bunches, known as Optical Replica Synthesizer*, will be implemented at the free-electron laser FLASH at DESY. The paper describes its technical layout and the status of the project.

* E. Saldin, E. Schneidmiller, M. Yurkov, NIM A 539 (2005), 499