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Sah, R.

Paper Title Page
THPMN094 Simulations of Parametric-resonance Ionization Cooling 2927
  • D. J. Newsham, R. P. Johnson, R. Sah
    Muons, Inc, Batavia
  • S. A. Bogacz, Y.-C. Chao, Y. S. Derbenev
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
  Funding: Supported in part by DOE SBIR grant DE-FG02-04ER84016

Parametric-resonance ionization cooling (PIC) is a muon-cooling technique that is useful for low-emittance muon colliders. This method requires a well-tuned focusing channel that is free of chromatic and spherical aberrations. In order to be of practical use in a muon collider, it also necessary that the focusing channel be as short as possible to minimize muon loss due to decay. G4Beamline numerical simulations are presented of a compact PIC focusing channel in which spherical aberrations are minimized by using design symmetry.