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Reilly, J. J.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS013 High Power Tests of First Input Couplers for Cornell ERL Injector Cavities 2355
  • V. Veshcherevich, S. A. Belomestnykh, P. Quigley, J. J. Reilly, J. Sears
    CLASSE, Ithaca
  • W.-D. Moller
    DESY, Hamburg
  Funding: Work is supported by the National Science Foundation grant PHY 0131508

First RF power couplers for the ERL injector, currently under construction at Cornell University, have been fabricated. The couplers were assembled in pairs in the liquid nitrogen cryostat, built for their tests. A 15 kW CW IOT transmitter was available for coupler tests. A resonant ring was used for additional increase of the power. The couplers were successfully tested up to the goal power level of 50 kW CW. However, the first pair of couplers showed excessive temperature rise in some points. Therefore, minor changes in the design have been done to improve cooling.