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Rao, Y.-N.

Paper Title Page
THPAN008 TRIUMF Extraction and 500 MeV Beamline Optics 3238
  • Y.-N. Rao, A. Baartman
    TRIUMF, Vancouver
  The beamline 2A, one of TRIUMF cyclotron primary extraction beamlines, is 60m in length. It is now routinely operating up to 70uA (proton beam) at 500MeV for ISAC. ISAC requires a diffuse spot of specific size on the radioactive beam production target at the end of 2A. To help achieve this, we developed a program aimed at obtaining a better understanding and more accurate description of 2A optics and the extracted beam from the cyclotron. The beam envelopes along 2A were measured with profile monitors and compared with theoretical predictions. During the course of this work, we discovered that the transfer matrix, involved in the optics calclations, between the stripping foil and the beamline entrance was incorrect. After correcting this error, we obtained good agreement between the measured and calculated envelopes. We report on the details of this work as well as on a measurement of the beam characteristics as a function of stripper foil thickness.