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Pusterla, M.

Paper Title Page
THPAS105 Stern-Gerlach Force on a Precessing Magnetic Moment 3729
  • M. Conte
    INFN Genova, Genova
  • A. U. Luccio, W. W. MacKay
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  • M. Pusterla
    Univ. degli Studi di Padova, Padova
  The use of the Stern-Gerlach interaction for attaining the spin-states separation of an (anti)proton beam circulating in a ring is reconsidered in a new method where the particle magnetic moments are made to precess while they are undergoing energy exchanges, either positive or negative, with the e.m. fields of an array of radio frequency resonators tuned in the Transverse Electric mode. This proposal represents an improvement with respect to cases considered in the past when the magnetic moments were conserving their directions in space.