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Pfeffer, H.

Paper Title Page
TUPAS025 Commissioning of the Second Tevatron Electron Lens and Beam Study Results 1706
  • V. Kamerdzhiev, R. J. Hively, G. F. Kuznetsov, H. Pfeffer, G. W. Saewert, V. D. Shiltsev, X. Zhang
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  In the framework of Fermilab's Beam-Beam Compensation project the second Tevatron Electron Lens (TEL2) has been installed in the Tevatron during Spring 2006 shutdown. After successful commissioning a series of beam studies has been carried out in single bunch mode. The paper describes the commissioning process and first beam studies results.  
WEPMN097 A Solid State Marx Generator for TEL2 2257
  • V. Kamerdzhiev, H. Pfeffer, G. W. Saewert, V. D. Shiltsev, D. Wolff
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  The solid-state Marx generator modulates the anode of the electron gun to produce the electron beam pulses in the second Tevatron Electron Lens (TEL2). It is capable of driving the 60 pf terminal with 600ns pulses of up to 6 kV with a p.r.r. of 50 kHz. The rise and fall times are 150 ns. Stangenes Industries developed the unit and is working on a second version which will go to higher voltage and have the ability to vary its output in 396 ns intervals over a 5 us pulse.