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Perng, S. Y.

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MOPAN100 Multiple Quadrupole Magnetic Center Alignment on the Girder 395
  • L. Tsai, T.-C. Fan, C.-S. Hwang, C. J. Lin, S. Y. Perng, D.-J. Wang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  Conventional alignments of quadrupole magnets on the girder based on the theodolite and fiducial was limited by human-eye resolution and fiducial precision. The accumulative error of group of magnetic centers may be more than 100 μm. In this paper, an automatic quadrupole magnetic center aligning method was proposed using pulsed wire method to align group of quadrupole magnets concentrically on one girder to higher precision. In order to increase the alignment precision, a short wire reduced sag problem in long wire, laser and position sensitive detector (PSD) system was to trace the wire position to level of micron. The precision of the alignment of quadrupole magnetic centers could be within 30μm. Descriptions of the setup and test results are presented.