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Pei, Y. J.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN048 Measurement for the Kanthal Alloy Used for Collinear Load and S-band Load Design 2146
  • X. D. He, S. Dong, Y. J. Pei, C.-F. Wu
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui
  Funding: National Nature Science Foundation No.10675116 No.10375060

We have developed the mathod to determine the permittivity and permeability of Kanthal alloy available. The alloy is coated on the inside walls of disk-loaded cavities,which is used for the collinear load. The collinear load absorbs the remaining rf-power over the last cells of the section while still accelerating the beam. Based on the experimental results of the permittivity and permeability,the computation study of the constant power-loss collinear load has been made by Microwave Studio. The design data about the S-band collinear load are present.

THPMN042 Design of a 200keV High Pulse Current Electron Beam Facility 2811
  • G. Feng, Y. Hong, Y. J. Pei, X. Wang
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui
  In the paper, design of a 200keV high pulse current electron beam facility is introduced, which is used to generate plasma by interaction between electron beam and gas. Physical parameters of the beam have been selected to satisfy the plasma experiment's need. LaB6 is chosen as cathode because of its high efficient emission and long lifetime. Temperature distribution simulation in the facility has been finished with I-deas code. Because the maximum working temperature in the system is 2400°C, grid is made of heat-resistant metal Mo. In order to get high pulse current and line shaping electron beam, shape of electrodes has been optimized. Electric field distribution in the system and process of electron beam emission have been simulated with opera-3d, which considering space charge effects. Ceramic flange's electrics and mechanics properties have also been analyzed. Metal foil window is made of titanium with 40μm thickness. Relationship between initial energy and energy loss of the electron beam has been obtained by MC simulation during passing through the window. Making of the facility has been finished and some parameters have been measured through testing experiments.