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Pedrozzi, M.

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TUOBAB01 Beam Dynamics of the 250 MeV Injector Test Facility 785
  • A. Adelmann, R. J. Bakker, C. Kraus, K. L. Li, B. S.C. Oswald, M. Pedrozzi, J.-Y. Raguin, T. Schietinger, F. Stulle, A. F. Wrulich
    PSI, Villigen
  • J. Qiang
    LBNL, Berkeley, California
  The PSI-FEL/LEG project aims for the development of a pulsed high-brightness, high-current electron source which is one of the cornerstones for a cost-efficient high-power laser-like X-ray light-source. Creating an ultra low emittance beam is a great challenge, transporting i.e. accelerating and compressing is equally difficult. We present a 3D start-to-end simulation of our planned 250 MeV injector test facility. The injector consists of a 2 cell standing wave l-band cavity followed by a ballistic bunching section. The following L-band and S-band structures accelerate the electron beam up to the final energy of 250 MeV. An X-band RF structure prepares the beam for the following bunch compressor in which the target current of 350 ampere is reached. The target value of the slice emittance is 0.10 [mm mrad] therefore precise beam dynamics simulations are needed. For the 3D simulations we use IMPACT-T, a time domain parallel particle tracking code in which the self fields are treated using electrostatic approximation . We discuss various issues such as projected and slice emittance preservation and shade light on some of the differences between an envelope and the 3D model.  
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