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Park, C. S.

Paper Title Page
THPAS010 A Multislice Approach for Electromagnetic Green's Function Based Beam Simulations 3531
  • M. Hess, C. S. Park
    IUCF, Bloomington, Indiana
  Funding: This research is supported in part by the Department of Energy under grant DE-FG0292ER40747 and in part by the National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0552389.

We present a multislice approach for modeling the space-charge fields of bunched electron beams that are emitted from a metallic cathode using electromagnetic Green's function techniques. The multislice approach approximates a local region of the beam density and current with a slice of zero longitudinal thickness. We show examples of how the multislice approach can be used to accurately compute the space-charge fields for electron bunch lengths in the regime of photocathode sources, i.e. (<10 ps).

THPAS012 Computational Requirements for Green's Function Based Photocathode Source Simulations 3537
  • C. S. Park, M. Hess
    IUCF, Bloomington, Indiana
  Funding: This work is supported by the National Science foundation under contract PHY-0552389 and by the Department of Energy under contract DE-FG02-92ER40747.

We demonstrate the computational requirements for a Green's function based photocathode simulation code called IRPSS. In particular, we show the necessary conditions, e.g. eigenmode number and integration time-step, for accurately computing the space-charge fields in IRPSS to less than 1 % error. We also illustrate how numerical filtering methods can be applied to IRPSS in conjunction with a multislice approach, for dramatically improving computational efficiency of electromagnetic field calculations.