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Paramonov, V. V.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN056 Fabrication Status of ACS Accelerating Modules of J-PARC Linac 1514
  • H. Ao, K. Hirano, T. Morishita, A. Ueno
    JAEA/LINAC, Ibaraki-ken
  • K. Hasegawa
    JAEA, Ibaraki-ken
  • M. Ikegami
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • V. V. Paramonov
    RAS/INR, Moscow
  • Y. Yamazaki
    KEK/JAEA, Ibaraki-Ken
  An ACS (Annular Coupled Structure) cavity has been developed for the J-PARC Linac from 190-MeV to 400-MeV. We fabricated a buncher module with two 5-cell accelerating tanks and one 5-cell bridge tank as the first module. The buncher module is shorter than accelerating module that consists of two 17-cell accelerating tanks and one 9-cell bridge tank. The first buncher module achieved the stable operation of 50 Hz, 600 us, 600 kW in the high-power test, which corresponds to the E0 value of 4.8 MV/m. The second buncher module and three accelerating modules are under fabrication continuously. These results of the frequency tuning and assembling are presented in detail.