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Panto, S.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN014 DESY and ILC EDMS: Engineering Data Management for Large Scientific Projects 173
  • L. Hagge, J. Buerger, J. A. Dammann, S. Eucker, A. Herz, J. Kreutzkamp, S. Panto, D. Szepielak, P. Tumidajewicz, N. Welle
    DESY, Hamburg
  DESY is using an Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) for supporting the XFEL and PETRA III projects. The system offers a wide range of applications for managing complexity: It enables 3D CAD design collaboration, supports the manufacturing and preparation processes of s.c. cavities and provides general project documentation. The system is now also adopted by the ILC for the collaborative 3D CAD design of cryomodules in the three regions and for change management of the baseline configuration document. The DESY EDMS is based on a commercial system which has been customized to the specific needs of large scientific projects, making it a unique system. In addition to general engineering requirements, the EDMS supports ad-hoc teamwork, provides mechanisms for process industrialization and offers powerful yet easy-to-use web frontends. The paper gives an overview of the EDMS capabilities and reports experience and benefits of using the EDMS.