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Paech, A.

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FRPMN015 Simulation of Synchrotron Radiation at the First Bunch Compressor of FLASH 3925
  • A. Paech, W. Ackermann, T. Weiland
    TEMF, Darmstadt
  • O. Grimm
    DESY, Hamburg
  Funding: This project is supported by the Helmholtz Association under contract HGF-VH-FZ-006

One method to measure the bunch shape at the FLASH facility at DESY, Hamburg is based on the observation of synchrotron radiation generated at the first bunch compressor. For the correct interpretation of the results it is mandatory to know how various parameters of the real setup, in contrast to theoretical assumptions, influence the observed spectrum. The aim of this work therefore is to calculate the generation of synchrotron radiation of a moving point charge inside the bunch compressor with the emphasis of including the effects of the vertical and horizontal vacuum chamber walls in the vicinity of the last dipole magnet. Because of the small wavelength in comparison with the chamber geometries this is a demanding task. One idea to cope with the difficulties is to use optical methods such as the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD). In this paper the applicability and limitations of the proposed method are discussed. Furthermore a comparison of simulated and new measured fields is shown.