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Oliveira, L. H.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN003 A New Family of Power Supplies for the LNLS Orbit Correctors 146
  • C. Rodrigues, L. H. Oliveira, A. R. Silva
    LNLS, Campinas
  Recently the substitution of the older family of orbit corrector power supplies of the LNLS electron storage ring was proposed and a new family has been developed. The new model incorporates additional features such as natural ventilation, unit power factor and shorter response time to reference changes. Moreover, higher efficiency and lower weight and size were obtained. At the moment eight units are operating with storage ring orbit correctors, with current and output voltage up to 10A/10V. This family has three stages of power processing. The first one is a power factor corrector using the boost topology, which gives to the second stage a DC voltage about 400V with regulation and ripple better than 1%. The second stage is an isolated half-bridge with two symmetric adjustable DC outputs from 0 to 40V. The last stage consists of a bipolar series linear regulator using Bipolar Transistors (BJT). Some results obtained for this power supply were: output current ripple and one day stability better than 150ppm, reference voltage step response better than 500A/s with the existing orbit corrector magnet, efficiency higher than 62% and power factor better than 98.5%.