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Nolden, F.

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TUPAN016 Rare Isotope Accumulation and Deceleration in the NESR Storage Ring of the FAIR Project 1425
  • M. Steck, C. Dimopoulou, A. Dolinskii, F. Nolden
    GSI, Darmstadt
  The storage ring NESR of the FAIR project can be operated with rare isotope beams which are produced by projectile fragmentation of a fast heavy ion beam. After stochastic pre-cooling at 740 MeV/u in a dedicated collector ring (CR) the rare isotopes will be accumulated in the NESR by a longitudinal accumulation technique in combination with electron cooling. Various schemes for the accumulation have been considered and evaluated. For experiments with stored beams and for transfer to an ion trap the ion beams can be decelerated to a minimum energy of 4 MeV/u. The deceleration mode of the NESR will also be available for deceleration of antiprotons to a minimum energy of 30 MeV. Fast extraction to a trap and slow extraction to fixed target are foreseen.