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Nguyen, D. C.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS021 RF-loss Measurements in an Open Coaxial Resonator for Characterization of Copper Plating 2376
  • F. L. Krawczyk, G. O. Bolme, W. L. Clark, J. P. Kelley, F. A. Martinez, D. C. Nguyen, K. A. Young
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • J. Rathke, D. L. Schrage, T. Schultheiss, L. M. Young
    AES, Medford, NY
  Funding: Work supported by the Office of Naval Research and the High-Energy Laser Joint Technology Office.

An experiment has been conducted to measure small differences in cavity Q caused by various cavity surface treatments. A requirement of the experiment was that it show little sensitivity to the reassembly with various test pieces. We chose a coaxial half-wave resonator, with an outer conductor extending significantly beyond the length of the inner conductor. The outer conductor acts as a cut-off tube, eliminating the need for electric termination and thus any RF-contacts that can influence the Q-measurements. The experiment is aimed at qualifying the performance of cyanide-copper plated GlidCop in comparison with that of a machined GlidCop surface. To maximize the sensitivity of the measurement we use a fixed outer conductor made of annealed OFE copper and only replace the inner conductor, which is mounted on a low-loss Teflon pedestal located in the low electric field region. The Q-values of machined GlidCop and cyanide-copper plated GlidCop inner conductors are measured against the reference Q of the annealed OFE co-axial cavity. This simple configuration allows a statistically significant number of repetitions of measurements and should provide accurate comparative measurements.