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Nagamine, K.

Paper Title Page
THPMS017 Design of Muon Accelerators for an Advanced Muon Facility 3032
  • H. M. Miyadera, A. J. Jason
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • K. Nagamine
    UCR, Riverside, California
  Muon beams are produced at Muon Facilities all over the world. They are commonly used in condensed matter physics with mSR (Muon Spin Rotation / Relaxation / Resonance) spectroscopy. Up to today, the applications of mSR are limited by the large sizes of the muon beams (typically 10 cm2). We carried out design works of an Advanced Muon Facility at LANSCE that produces a 'muonμbeam'. The muonμbeam improves beam brightness by three orders of magnitude from that at conventional Muon Facilities and would revolutionize not only material research using mSR spectroscopy but also numerous applications in nano-technology, high-pressure science and bioscience. The designed facility mainly consists of a large acceptance muon channel 'LA Omega' followed by novel muon linear accelerators. This equipment is capable of producing the world?s most intense muon beam of ~109 muon/s at LANSCE. The intense muon beam of LA Omega will be cooled and accelerated with the muon linear accelerators to produce a 50-keV and a separate 10-MeV muonμbeam. The unique time structure of the muon beam produced by the LANSCE linear accelerator optimally matches the muon accelerator.