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Miura, A.

Paper Title Page
THPMN026 C-band Linac in SCSS Prototype Accelerator of the Japanese X-FEL Project 2766
  • T. Inagaki, T. Shintake, K. Shirasawa
    RIKEN Spring-8 Harima, Hyogo
  • H. Baba, H. Matsumoto
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • A. Miura
    Nihon Koshuha Co., Ltd., Yokohama
  • S. Miura
    MHI, Hiroshima
  Funding: RIKEN-JASRI Joint-Project for SPring-8 XFEL

C-band (5712-MHz) linac is used as the main accelerator of the Japanese X-FEL facility in SPring-8. Since the C-band linac has high acceleration gradient, our 8-GeV accelerator is compact rather than a conventional S-band accelerator. The system consists of following components; two choke-mode-type 1.8-m accelerating structures, an rf pulse compressor (SLED), a 50-MW klystron, a 100-MW compact modulator, and an rf digital control system. We will use 60 to 70 units for the X-FEL accelerator. Since November 2005, we have operated two C-band units in the 250-MeV FEL prototype accelerator (SCSS). After rf conditioning, the accelerating gradient was achieved to 35-MV/m. We successfully accelerated the electron beam by this gradient of electrical field. In this presentation, we will report the detail of each component and its operation status of the SCSS prototype accelerator.