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Mitchell, D. V.

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WEPMN096 Status of the 3.9-GHz Superconducting RF Cavity Technology at Fermilab 2254
  • E. R. Harms, T. T. Arkan, L. Bellantoni, H. Carter, H. Edwards, M. Foley, T. N. Khabiboulline, D. V. Mitchell, D. R. Olis, A. M. Rowe, N. Solyak
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  Funding: This work supported by Universities Research Association Inc. under contract DE-AC02-76CH00300 with the U. S. DOE.

Fermilab is involved in an effort to assemble 3.9 GHz superconducting RF cavities into a four cavity cryomodule for use at the DESY TTF/FLASH facility as a third harmonic structure. The design gradient of these cavities is 14 MV/m limited by thermal heat transfer. This effort involves design, fabrication, intermediate testing, assembly, and eventual delivery of the cryomodule. We report on all facets of this enterprise from design through future plans. Included will be test results of single 9-cell cavities, lessons learned, and current status.

WEPMN111 3.9 GHz Superconducting Accelerating 9-cell Cavity Vertical Test Results 2295
  • T. N. Khabiboulline, C. A. Cooper, N. Dhanaraj, H. Edwards, M. Foley, E. R. Harms, D. V. Mitchell, A. M. Rowe, N. Solyak
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  • W.-D. Moller
    DESY, Hamburg
  The 3rd harmonic 3.9GHz accelerating cavity was proposed to improve beam performances of the FLASH (TTF/DESY) facility. In the frame of collaboration Fermilab will provide DESY with a cryomodule containing a string of four cavities. In addition, a second cryomodule with one cavity will be fabricated for installation in the Fermilab photo-injector, which will be upgraded for the ILC accelerator test facility. The first results of vertical tests of 9-cell Nb cavities didn?t reached the designed accelerating gradient. The main problem is multipactoring in HOM couplers, which leads to quenching and overheating of the HOM couplers. New HOM couplers with improved design integarated to next 9-cell cavities. In this paper we present all results of vertical tests.