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McBride, P. M.

Paper Title Page
TUZAC01 The ILC Control System Design 868
  • J. Carwardine, N. D. Arnold, F. Lenkszus, C. W. Saunders
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois
  • B. Banerjee, B. Chase, E. G. Gottschalk, P. W. Joireman, P. A. Kasley, J. R. Lackey, P. M. McBride, J. F. Patrick, V. Pavlicek, M. Votava, S. A. Wolbers
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  • R. W. Downing, R. S. Larsen
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  • K. Furukawa, S. Michizono
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • K. Rehlich, S. Simrock
    DESY, Hamburg
  Funding: Work supported in the U. S. by the U. S. Department of Energy under contract Nos. DE-AC02-06CH11357, DE-AC02-76CH03000, and DE-AC02-76SF00515.

The scale and performance parameters of the ILC require new thinking in regards to control system design. This design work has begun quite early in comparison to most accelerator projects, with the goal of uniquely high overall accelerator availability. Among the design challenges are high control system availability, timing reference distribution, standardization of interfaces, operability, and maintainability. We present the current state of the design and take a prospective look at ongoing research and development projects.

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