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Marteau, F.

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TUPMN008 Commissioning of the First Insertion Devices at SOLEIL 929
  • C. Benabderrahmane, P. Berteaud, F. Briquez, P. Brunelle, O. V. Chubar, M.-E. Couprie, J.-M. Filhol, M. Girault, O. Marcouille, F. Marteau, M. Massal, F. Paulin, M. Valleau, J. Veteran
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette
  The 2.75 GeV storage ring of the SOLEIL third generation light source in France consists of 16 cells and 24 straight sections (4x12m,12x7m, 8x3.6m) for a total circumference of 357 m. 24 insertion devices are planned for providing high brillance radiation from UV to hard X ray. They consist of adjustable polarisation sources in the UV-soft X ray (electromagnetic devices of periods 640 mm and 256 mm, APPLE-II of periods ranging between 80 and 34 mm, and one EMPHU) and planar devices for the production of hard X ray (in vacuum undulators of period 20 or 26 mm and one in vacuum wiggler). During the commissioning of the presently installed seven insertion devices (HU640, 2xHU256, 2 HU80, 2xU20), the effects on the beam have been studied (closed orbit distortions, tune shifts,..), compared with the expectations from magnetic measurements in laboratory, and compensated using feed forward local correctors. The radiation observed on the first photon diagnostic at the beamlines is also analysed.