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Macina, D.

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TUPAN102 Numerical Study of the Very Forward Background from the Proton-Proton Collisions in the Experimental Insertions of the LHC 1619
  • V. Talanov, H. Burkhardt, D. Macina, E. Tsesmelis
    CERN, Geneva
  The results from the numerical DPMJET-FLUKA simulation of the background in the experimental IR's of the LHC are presented. DPMJET3 is used for the generation and analysis of the products from the p-p collision leaving the interaction point in the very forward region. A multi-particle transport code FLUKA is used for the simulation of the resulting secondary cascades in the structure of the LHC long straight sections. The background formation is estimated and analyzed in the LSS's at the locations of the TAN absorber, Roman Pot stations and Beam Loss Monitors, for the purposes of the machine protection and planning of the operation of the detectors.