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MacGregor, I. A.

Paper Title Page
MOPAS057 Database Applications to Integrate Beamline Optics Changes into Engineering Databases 563
  • A. Chan, P. Bellomo, G. R. Crane, P. Emma, E. Grunhaus, K. Luchini, I. A. MacGregor, D. S. Marsh, R. Pope, P. L. Prickett, E. Rago, K. Ratcliffe, T. Shab
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  Funding: This work was performed in support of the LCLS project at SLAC and funded by Department of Energy contract DE-AC02-76SF00515

Changes to beamline optics may effect many engineering processes downstream. In the past, we incorporated these changes manually into disparate engineering spreadsheets. At LCLS, database applications have been developed in order to compare and clearly display differences amongst various versions of beamline optics files. These applications also incorporate the changes into engineering databases, after they have been validated by the engineers. This allows the engineers to be notified, and modifications to be made if beamline optics changes require corresponding adjustments of engineering elements. This paper will describe how this streamlines the workflow, and also provides greater reliability in how beamline optics changes are integrated into engineering databases (such as cabling, power supplies, inventory). The paper includes a description of the related LCLS inventory system, which also serves as a repository for quality assurance documents. The underlying database schemas and applications will be outlined.