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Luo, Q.

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FRPMN051 Design of S-band Cavity BPM for HLS 4102
  • Q. Luo, H. He, P. Li, P. Lu, B. Sun, J. H. Wang
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui
  Funding: Supported by 985 Project of USTC 173123200402002

For the development of accelerators we require increasingly precise control of beam position. Cavity BPMs promise a much higher position resolution compared to other BPM types and manufacture of cavity BPMs is in general less complicated. The cavity BPM operating at S-band for HLS (Hefei Light Source) was designed. It consists of two cavities: a position cavity tuned to TM110 mode and a reference cavity tuned to TM010 mode. To suppress the monopole modes we use waveguides as pickups. Superheterodyne receivers are used in electronics for many cavity BPMs while we decide to use chip AD8302 produced by Analog Devices to process the signals. To simulate and calculate the electromagnetic field we use MAFIA.