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Lu, P. P.

Paper Title Page
THPMS081 Proposed Few-cycle Laser-particle Accelerator Structure 3175
  • T. Plettner, R. L. Byer, P. P. Lu
    Stanford University, Stanford, Califormia
  We describe a proposed transparent dielectric grating accelerator structure that is designed for ultra-short laser pulse operation. The structure is not a waveguide, but rather it is based on the principle of periodic field reversal to achieve phase synchronicity for relativistic particles. To preserve ultra-short pulse operation it does not resonate the laser field in the vacuum channel. The geometry of the structure appears well suited for application with high average power lasers and high thermal loading. It shows potential for an unloaded gradient of several GeV/m with 10 fsec laser pulses and the possibility to accelerate high bunch charges. The fabrication procedure and proposed near-term experiments with this accelerator structure are presented.