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Liu, S.

Paper Title Page
THPAN038 Generation and Acceleration of High Brightness Electron Bunch Train in ATF of KEK 3312
  • S. Liu, S. Araki, M. K. Fukuda, M. Takano, N. Terunuma, J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki
  • K. Hirano
    NIRS, Chiba-shi
  Laser Undulator Compact X-ray source (LUCX) is a test bench for compact high brightness X-ray generator at KEK in order to demonstrate the possibility on K-edge digital subtraction angiography, based on the Compton Scattering. For this project, one of the challenging problems is to generate and accelerate high brightness multi-bunch electron beams, compensating the energy difference due to beam loading effect. In this paper, we calculate the transient beam loading voltage and energy gain from RF field in standing wave gun cavity and traveling wave accelerating tube for multi-bunch train, considering the process of propagation, buildup of RF field in them and the special RF pulse shape. We generated and accelerated 100 bunch electron beam train with 50nC, which beam loading effect was compensated effectively by adjusting the laser injection timing. By BPM and OTR system, we measured the electron beam energy bunch by bunch. The average energy of 100 bunch train is 40.5MeV and maximum energy difference bunch to bunch is 0.26MeV, the relative energy spread of single bunch is about 0.13%. The transverse emittance can be optimized roughly to 3.6 pimm.mrad.