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Lin, F.-Y.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN091 Design of Mechanical Structure and Cryostat for IASW Superconducting Wiggler at NSRRC 374
  • H.-H. Chen, C.-H. Chang, T.-C. Fan, M.-H. Huang, C.-S. Hwang, J. C. Jan, F.-Y. Lin
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  An in-achromatic superconducting wiggler (IASW) was successfully constructed and installed at the Taiwan Light Source (TLS) in January 2006. The cryostat with a 30 L liquid nitrogen aluminum reservoir shielding surrounds the helium vessel, which comprises the cold mass and 100 L liquid helium. The helium vessel is suspended by eight suspension links, which are thermally intercepted at 80 K and can be adjusted by applying tension, such that the center of the cold mass does not move during cooled to 4.2 K. A three-layered stainless tube was designed to prevent the transfer port from freezing and the steam- electricity separation system is designed to supply electricity and return the helium gas to prevent freezing of the power feedthrough.  
MOPAN095 Design of the Precise Unit for the Rotating Coil Measurement System 386
  • J. C. Jan, C.-H. Chang, J. W. Chen, T.-C. Fan, C.-S. Hwang, F.-Y. Lin
    NSRRC, Hsinchu
  A precise rotating coil measurement system (RCS) is developed to characterize the magnetic field quality of the quadrupole (QM) and sextupole (SM) magnets in the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS). A measurement bench is designed to install the magnets easily and mount the rotating coil unit with high reproducibility. The Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy (FRP) measurement unit (F-unit) exhibits a large sag and mechanical error while it is 880mm long. Therefore, a new graphite measurement unit (G-unit) with a printed circuit coil is adopted to reduce these errors. The rotating coil design and testing using a QM are also described.