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Lima, R.

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THPMN003 Commissioning of the 100 keV Beam Stage of the Injector Linac of the IFUSP Microtron 2710
  • M. N. Martins, A. L. Bonini, R. Lima, A. A. Malafronte, T. F. Silva
    USP/LAL, Sao Paulo
  Funding: Work supported by FAPESP and CNPq

The injector linac consists of a beam conforming stage, with chopper and buncher systems, and two acceleration structures, the first one with variable β, and the second one divided into two parts with different β. There are two 3-mm diameter collimators, the first at the entrance to the first chopper cavity and the second at the entrance to the first acceleration structure. The beam focalization is made by solenoids, and correcting coils are provided for steering. In this work we describe the commissioning of the optical lattice of the conforming beam stage. The first beam images are shown.