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Levichev, E.

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MOOBKI02 DAΦ NE Phi-Factory Upgrade for Siddharta Run 66
  • M. E. Biagini, D. Alesini, D. Babusci, R. Boni, M. Boscolo, F. Bossi, B. Buonomo, A. Clozza, G. O. Delle Monache, T. Demma, G. Di Pirro, A. Drago, A. Gallo, S. Guiducci, C. Ligi, F. Marcellini, G. Mazzitelli, C. Milardi, F. Murtas, L. Pellegrino, M. A. Preger, L. Quintieri, P. Raimondi, R. Ricci, U. Rotundo, C. Sanelli, G. Sensolini, M. Serio, F. Sgamma, B. Spataro, A. Stecchi, A. Stella, S. Tomassini, C. Vaccarezza, M. Zobov
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)
  • S. Bettoni
    CERN, Geneva
  • I. Koop, E. Levichev, P. A. Piminov, D. N. Shatilov, V. V. Smaluk
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  • K. Ohmi
    KEK, Ibaraki
  An upgrade of the DAΦNE Phi-Factory at LNF is foreseen in view of the installation of the Siddharta detector in 2007. A new Interaction Region suitable to test the large crossing angle and crabbed waist collision schemes* will be installed. Other machine improvements, such as wigglers modifications, new injection kickers and chambers coating will be realized with the goal of reaching luminosity of the order of 1033/cm2/s. The principle of operation of the new scheme, together with hardware designs and simulation studies, will be presented.

*DAPHNE Upgrade Team, "DAPHNE Upgrade for Siddharta run", DAPHNE Tech. Note G-68, LNF-INFN, Dec. 2006

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TUPAN033 DAΦ NE Setup and Performances During the Second FINUDA Run 1457
  • C. Milardi, D. Alesini, M. E. Biagini, C. Biscari, R. Boni, M. Boscolo, B. Buonomo, A. Clozza, G. O. Delle Monache, T. Demma, E. Di Pasquale, G. Di Pirro, A. Drago, A. Gallo, A. Ghigo, S. Guiducci, M. Incurvati, P. Iorio, C. Ligi, F. Marcellini, C. Marchetti, G. Mazzitelli, L. Pellegrino, M. A. Preger, L. Quintieri, P. Raimondi, R. Ricci, U. Rotundo, C. Sanelli, M. Serio, F. Sgamma, B. Spataro, A. Stecchi, A. Stella, S. Tomassini, C. Vaccarezza, M. Zobov
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma)
  • J. D. Fox, D. Teytelman
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  • E. Levichev, S. A. Nikitin, P. A. Piminov, D. N. Shatilov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  Beam operations on DAΦNE restarted on October 2006 after a four months shut-down to remove the KLOE experimental detector and to install the FINUDA one. This period has been also used for maintenance and implementation of several upgrades. In the first two months of operation the peak and integrated luminosity already exceeds the values obtained during the first FINUDA run by 20%. The DAΦNE goal is to deliver 1 fb-1 integrated luminosity by the end of May 2007. The collider performances during the run are presented together with the improvements obtained in terms of ring nonlinearities and beam dynamics coming from several collider modifications.  
THPAN060 3D PIC Method Development for Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in Supercolliders 3366
  • M. A. Boronina, V. A. Vshivkov
    ICM&MG SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  • E. Levichev, S. A. Nikitin
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  • V. N. Snytnikov
    IC SB RAS, Novosibrsk
  A new Beam-Beam simulation code based on a 3D PIC method has been developed. Taking into account to the full extent the three-dimensional nature of the interaction can be useful for studies of some thin questions such as a pinch effect at large crossing angles in ILC and Crab Waist properties in SuperB Factory. Colliding electron and positron beams move in the region shaped as parallelepiped. The physical process is described by Vlasov-Liouville equations and a set of Maxwell equations that interrelate of the densities of charge and current, and intensities of electric and magnetic fields. The examples of the electron and positron bunches movement and collision simulation are presented.