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Le Dem, G. E.

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MOPAN008 A Single Bunch Selector for the Next Low β Continuous Wave Heavy Ion Beam 158
  • G. E. Le Dem, M. Di Giacomo
    GANIL, Caen
  Funding: Eurisol Project supported by the European Commission under contract N? 515768 RIDS

The Eurisol heavy ion post-accelerator and the Spiral2 deuton/ion MEBT should transport a continuous wave (cw) beam from respectively a 88.05 MHz RFQ (β respectively 0.036 and 0.04) to a drift-tube linac. A high frequency chopper is being studied to select only 1 bunch over N, 10 < N < 10000 as asked by the physicists. It requires pulses higher than 3 kV, rising in less than 7 ns at a repetition rate up to 8.8 MHz. These figures are at the border of what can be provided by the travelling wave fast choppers and the capacitive-type chopping technologies. We have reviewed the current fast and slow chopping structures and their associated pulse generator. Some preliminary RF simulations to adapt the present chopping devices to our requirements are presented. The main limitations of these technologies when applied to isolate bunches in ion cw accelerators are also shown. Our first studies and results to solve the arising problems are discussed.