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Lancelot, J. L.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN007 3-D Magnetic Calculation Methods for Spiral Scaling FFAG Magnet Design 1401
  • T. Planche, J. L. Lancelot, D. Neuveglise
    Sigmaphi, Vannes
  • B. Autin, J. Fourrier, E. Froidefond, J. Pasternak
    LPSC, Grenoble
  • F. Meot
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette
  Funding: ANR (French Research Agency)

2-D and 3-D magnetic calculation tools and methods have been developed at SIGMAPHI, in collaboration with IN2P3/LPSC, to design spiral FFAG magnets. These tools are currently being used for RACCAM spiral scaling FFAG magnet design. In the particular case of a spiral gap shaped magnet, a careful magnetic design has to be realized in order to keep both vertical and horizontal tunes constant during acceleration process. Promising results, obtained from tracking in 3-D field maps, demonstrate the efficiency of the horizontal and vertical tune adjustment methods presented in this paper.