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Kubczigk, M.

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WEPMN007 Introducing a Homepage for Information Retrieval and Backup of the Ground Vibration Measurements and Mechanical Vibrations of the Superconducting Modules at DESY 2059
  • R. Amirikas, M. Kubczigk
    DESY, Hamburg
  Funding: Work supported by the Commission of the European Communities under the 6th Framework Program Structuring the European Research Area, contract number RIDS-011899.

In this paper, we will introduce our homepage (http://vibration.desy.de) which is used for the storage and dissemination of our ground motion measurement data of 20 sites around the world and the XFEL/ILC superconducting module data. This homepage is open to the scientific community and the data can be utilized for planning of future accelerator facilities and design of future prototypes of module vessels containing cold mass.