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Kruk, G.

Paper Title Page
THPAN071 LHC On-Line Modeling 3384
  • F. Schmidt, W. Herr, G. Kruk, M. Lamont
    CERN, Geneva
  • I. V. Agapov
    DESY, Hamburg
  The LHC machine will be a very demanding accelerator with large nonlinearities to control. Particle loss in the LHC must be actively controlled to avoid damage to the machine. Therefore any relevant adjustment to the machine must be checked beforehand with a proper modeling tool of the LHC. The LHC On-Line Modeling is an attempt to provide such an analysis tool mainly based on the MAD-X code. The goal is not to provide real-time system to control LHC but rather a way to speed up off-line analysis to give results within minutes. There will be a rich spectrum of applications like closed orbit corrections, beta-beating analysis, optimization of correctors and knob settings to name a few. This report will outline how in detail the On-Line Modeling will be in embedded in the LHC control system. It will also be reported about progress in applying this analysis tool to the SPS machine and to the commissioning of the CNGS.