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Kowalczyk, R. D.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS093 Gridless IOT for Accelerator Applications 2556
  • C. Wilsen, M. F. Kirshner, R. D. Kowalczyk
    L-3, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  The klystron is the established microwave amplifier in accelerator driver applications, enjoying high power, gain and efficiency at saturation. Disadvantages are reduced efficiency in the linear regime and large size. Building on its success in the television broadcast market, the IOT provides a compact, high efficiency alternative for emerging accelerator applications. An integral component of the IOT input cavity is a control grid, which is positioned close to the cathode, not only to enhance the electric field for emission gating at the cathode surface, but also to limit the transit angle. The latter consideration constrains the operation of these devices to the lower frequency end of the microwave spectrum. Power is limited due to grid interception. Therefore, to fully exploit the benefits provided by density modulation, i.e., high efficiency and compact size, without the consequent frequency, power, and gain limitations, an emission gating method that does not rely on a closely spaced control grid is required. The solution is the Vector amplifier, a gridless IOT based on L-3's trajectory modulation technique* and an alternative compact, low cost RF source for the ILC.

* M. F. Kirshner et al., "Apparatus and method for trajectory modulation of an electron beam," U. S. Provisional Patent Application 60/838,580, August 17, 2006. Cleared by DoD/OFOISR for public release under 07-S-0493 on January 22, 2007