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Koda, S.

Paper Title Page
THPAN044 Global COD Correction of SAGA-LS Storage Ring 3327
  • H. Ohgaki
    Kyoto IAE, Kyoto
  • Y. Iwasaki, T. Tomimasu
    SAGA, Tosu
  • S. Koda, Y. Takabayashi, K. Yoshida
    Saga Synchrotron Light Source, Industry Promotion Division, Saga City
  SAGA Light Source is a medium size light source which has been operated from February, 2006. The stored beam orbit has been corrected by a closed orbit correction system consisted of 24 beam position monitors, 40 steering magnets and PC-LabView based control system. The singular value decomposition method has been applied for the global COD correction by using a measured response matrix. As a result, the standard deviation of the orbit error around the ring was reduced to 20 micro-meters both for horizontal plane and for vertical plane, respectively.