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Kester, O. K.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN020 A RFQ-Decelerator for HITRAP 1437
  • A. Schempp, B. Hofmann
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main
  • O. K. Kester
    GSI, Darmstadt
  The HITRAP linac at GSI will decelerate ions from 5 MeV/u to 6 keV/u for experiments with the large GSI Penning trap. The ions are decelerated at first in the existing experimental storage ring (ESR) down to an energy of 5 MeV/u and will be injected into a new Decelerator-Linac consisting of a IH-structure, which decelerates down to 500keV/u, and a 4-Rod RFQ , decelerating to 5 keV/u. The properties of the RFQ decelerator and the status of the project will be discussed.