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Kersevan, R.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN011 Upgrade Plans of the Vacuum System of the ESRF 164
  • R. Kersevan, L. Goirand
    ESRF, Grenoble
  The ESRF has been delivering beams to users for well over 12 years. The performance of the storage ring has surpassed the original specifications with respect to many accelerator parameters, such as emittance, beam stability, beam availability and so on. Along the years, many of its sub-systems have been improved in order to cope with these more demanding conditions. Now new experimental techniques and arrangements, such as nanofocusing on the samples, call for a radical upgrade of the machine. Another reason to upgrade is the recent coming into operation of new, more modern machines, and the desire for the ESRF to stay at the forefront of synchrotron radiation research. A study group has been set up, with the aim of producing a conceptual design report for what is called a "Long Term Strategy" for the upgrade of the ESRF. This paper will detail the plans for the LTS upgrade of the storage ring vacuum system.