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Kempson, V. C.

Paper Title Page
TUPMN086 Operation of the Diamond Light Source Injector 1112
  • C. Christou, V. C. Kempson
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  The Diamond Light source injector consists of a 100 MeV pre-injector linac and a 3 GeV full energy booster. The injection system has been reliably providing beam to the storage ring since September 2006 in both multibunch and single bunch mode, at 5 Hz repetition rate. All user operation at present is carried out in multibunch mode, with an injection efficiency up to 95%. Single bunch and hybrid modes are being developed now for users later this year. Differences in operation between multibunch and single bunch mode are largely restricted to the linac, although a small correction in booster sextupole ramp is needed for single bunch operation. Single bunch purity has been measured in the storage ring to be greater than 99.9%. The timing system can be controlled to allow a wide range of filling patterns, including complete ring fill in both single and multibunch mode, and hybrid fills with individual single bunches placed in gaps between continuous bunch trains. Top-up operation is envisaged for user operation in the future, and trials are underway to ensure safe and efficient running in this mode.