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Kardo-Sysoev, A.

Paper Title Page
THPMN111 A Kicker Driver for the International Linear Collider 2972
  • M. K. Kempkes, F. O. Arntz, M. P.J. Gaudreau
    Diversified Technologies, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts
  • A. Kardo-Sysoev
    IOFFE, St. Petersburg
  • A. Krasnykh
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California
  Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI), under a SBIR grant from the U. S. Department of Energy, is developing a driver for a kicker strip-line deflector which inserts and extracts charge bunches to and from the electron and positron damping rings of the International Linear Collider. The deflector requires a driver capable of 10 kV, 200 A pulses of 2 ns duration, after-pulse clamping of the deflector voltage to less than one volt within six nanoseconds, and must function at burst rates of 3 to 6 MHz. The driver must also effectively absorb high-order mode signals emerging from the deflector itself. In this paper, DTI will describe a promising approach to the design of the kicker driver involving high voltage DSRDs (Drift Step Recovery Diodes) and high voltage MOSFETs. In addition, our design approach to meeting the challenges posed by the ILC requirements will be discussed.