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Jowett, J. M.

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TUODKI02 Optics Considerations for the PS2 739
  • M. Benedikt, W. Bartmann, C. Carli, B. Goddard, S. Hancock, J. M. Jowett, Y. Papaphilippou
    CERN, Geneva
  CERN envisages replacing the existing Proton Synchrotron (PS) with a larger synchrotron (PS2) capable of injecting at higher energy into the SPS. Since it should increase the performance not only of the LHC but also CNGS and other users of beams from CERN's hadron injector complex, the new accelerator must retain much of the flexibility of the present complex. A number of candidate optics, with and without transition crossing, have been evaluated systematically and compared.  
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