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Igarashi, S.

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THPAN040 Study of Halo Formation in JPARC-MR 3318
  • K. Ohmi, S. Igarashi, H. Koiso, T. Koseki, K. Oide
    KEK, Ibaraki
  JPARC is a high intensity proton facility which is constructing as a joint project JAERI-KEK in Japan. JPARC equips two proton ring accelerators, Rapid Cycle Synchrotron (RCS) and Main Ring (MR). We discuss the space charge effect of MR in this paper. The proton beam with the population of 4.15·1013 x 8 bunches is accelerated from 3 GeV to 50 GeV and extracted with 0.5 Hz in MR. Beam loss during the acceleration is caused by an incoherent emittance growth due to the space charge force. We discuss the emittance growth and halo formation using a computer simulation based on the particle in cell method.