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Hughes, M. C.

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MOPAN105 Static VAr Power Factor Correction for the ISIS Main Magnet Power Supply 410
  • M. C. Hughes, J. W. Gray
    STFC/RAL/ISIS, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon
  ISIS sited at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) is the worlds most powerful pulsed neutron source. Intense pulses of neutrons are produced at 50 Hz when a heavy metal target is bombarded with a beam of high energy (800MeV) protons. Energy is imparted to the protons by accelerating them in a synchrotron, the magnets of which are connected in a configuration known as a White Circuit*. This White Circuit suffers from problems arising from drifting values of capacitance and inductance which affect the resonant frequency. This paper focuses on the design, simulation, and implementation of a solution utilising Static VAr technology to regulate the resonant frequency of the White Circuit.

* M. G. White et al., A 3-BeV High Intensity Proton Synchrotron, The Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator, CERN Symp.1956 Proc., p525.