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Hudson, G.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN071 Characteristics of Burden Resistors for High-precision DC Current Transducers 317
  • G. Fernqvist, P. Dreesen, G. Hudson
    CERN, Geneva
  • J. R. Pickering
    Metron, Norwich
  The DC current transducer (DCCT) and accompanying A/D converter determine the precision of a power converter in accelerator operation. In the LHC context this precision approaches 10-6. Inside the DCCT, a burden resistor is used to convert the current to an output voltage. The performance of this resistor is crucial for the accuracy, temperature behaviour, settling time and long-term drift of the DCCT. This paper reports on evaluations, a new parameter called "power coefficient" (PC) and test results from some different types of resistors available on the market.  
MOPAN072 High-precision Performance Testing of the LHC Power Converters 320
  • G. Fernqvist, M. C. Bastos, A. Cantone, P. Dreesen, O. Fournier, G. Hudson
    CERN, Geneva
  The magnet power converters for LHC were procured in three parts, power part, current transducers and control electronics, to enable a maximum of industrial participation in the manufacturing and still guarantee the very high precision (a few parts in 10-6) required by LHC. One consequence of this approach was several stages of system tests: factory reception tests, CERN reception tests, integration tests, short-circuit tests and commissioning on the final load in the LHC tunnel. The majority of the power converters for LHC have now been delivered, integrated into complete converters and high-precision performance testing is well advanced. This paper presents the techniques used for high-precision testing and the results obtained. It is also hoped to report results from the first sector commissioning.