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Hua, Hua, J. F.

Paper Title Page
TUPMN054 Design of a Source to Supply Ultra-fast Electron and X-Ray Pulses 1046
  • W.-H. Huang, H. Chen, Y.-C. Du, Hua, J. F. Hua, R. K. Li, Y. Lin, J. Shi, C.-X. Tang, D. Xiang, L. X. Yan, P.-CH. Yu
    TUB, Beijing
  In this paper we report the preliminary design and considerations on a multi-discipline ultra-fast source, which is capable of providing the user community with femtosecond electron bunch and light pulses with the wavelength ranging from IR to X-ray. The facility is based on photocathode RF gun driven by a Ti:Sapphire laser system. The low emittance subpicosecond electron bunch at the gun exit can be used in femtosecond electron diffraction setup to visualize the ultrafast structural dynamics. After acceleration and compression, the electron beam with the energy of 50 MeV is further used to provide high peak brightness X-ray by inverse Compton scattering with TW laser. We also consider the possibility and reliability of storing the electron beam in a compact storage ring and the laser pulse in a super-cavity. Operating in this scheme may increase the average flux of the X-ray photons by orders of magnitude.