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Higashiya, A.

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TUPMN043 Graphite Heater Optimized for a Low-emittance CeB6 Cathode 1013
  • K. Togawa, A. Higashiya, T. Shintake
    RIKEN Spring-8 Harima, Hyogo
  We developed a thermionic cathode assembly using a single-crystal CeB6 emitter for the x-ray free electron laser project at SPring-8. The CeB6 cathode has excellent emission properties, i.e., smooth surface, high emission density, uniform emission density, and high resistance to contamination. A cylindrical graphite heater was developed to heat the cathode up to the operational temperature as high as 1800 K. At this temperature, a 500 keV pulsed electron beam with more than 1 A peak current can be extracted from the small surface area (3 mm diameter). In this conference, we will report the design detail and operational experience of the graphite heater for the CeB6 cathode.