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Haynes, W. B.

Paper Title Page
WEPMS030 Design and Initial Testing of Omniguide Traveling-wave Tube Structures 2403
  • E. I. Smirnova, B. E. Carlsten, L. M. Earley, W. B. Haynes
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  Funding: This work was funded in part by the LDRD Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

We propose to use the photonic band gap (PBG) structures for the construction of a traveling-wave tube (TWT) at W-band. Interest in millimeter-waves has increased in recent years due to applications in environmental monitoring and remote sensing. The development of wide-band mm-wave TWT amplifiers is underway at Los Alamos National Laboratory. A TWT would present a wide bandwidth source for remote mm-wave spectroscopy. PBG TWT structures have great potential for very large bandwidth and linear dispersion. In addition, being cheap to fabricate, the PBG structures enhance the commercial transferability of the W-band TWT technology. We employ an omniguide which is a one-dimensional version of the PBG structure representing a periodic system of concentric dielectric tubes as a slow-wave structure. A silica omniguide was designed to support a TM01-like mode with a phase velocity matching the one of a 120keV electron beam. The structure was fabricated, cold-tested and installed at our laboratory for the hot test.